By now most of us with little ones and even not so little ones (Hello, tween and teens!) have realized that although we may have a vision in mind for our home, having kids means a slight departure from that vision.
Having kids does NOT mean you have to set fire to your dining room and make it a ‘play room.’ I actually don’t want to see anyone hurt themselves in this way and I don’t want my eyes to hurt looking at this...LOL.
What designing with kids in mind DOES mean is that you want to find a way to keep your home beautiful and serene even when 1000 other ‘things’ in primary colour are lying around and the way to do this is... STORAGE.
I CANNOT say enough about storage. Having built ins in your family room and cabinets in your washroom dedicated to storing toys, paints and play-dough is key to your sanity and the serenity of your home.
As a mother of three young kids, all ages 11 and under, I highly recommend hiring an interior designer help you maximize storage in your home. The options are endless and they are beautiful so don’t settle for a life filled with LEGO and slime everywhere - just store it.
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