So here it is people: if you want perfection then go for a man-made stone like quartz or alternatively you could consider porcelain tiles (which also come in massive slabs that can be used on large areas) when finishing the counter-tops or backsplash in your home. Just note that if you are going to use porcelain on your countertops or high traffic surfaces it needs be 12mm thick in order for it to be durable. NEOLITH is one brand which I’ve used and love! It looks and feels very real but isn’t as delicate as a natural stone like marble.


Natural stone such as marble looks amazing and feels amazing if you’re okay with imperfections. I’m not someone who needs the stone work in my home to look ‘flawless’. In fact, I actually love the flawed lines and discolouration of natural stone. And when coffee or red wine spills onto the surface I’m okay with that too. Point being, if you’re okay with the flaws which naturally occur in natural stone over time then you’ll love material like marble. 


There isn’t much difference in cost and sometimes porcelain can be even trickier to work with so don’t make this decision based on these factors but rather on what you want to live with... your home is the world as you imagine it so follow your heart on this one!


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